Mon Mar 27 14:00:14 2006

The Spring Cycle

Having returned home from England to miserable weather it brightened up yesterday so I decided to take my bike out for a short ride - I needed the exercise and it would be good to combine my hobby with excercise.

So I planned a simple route on google maps, didn't look far and took me past a lake and a river. Packed my camera and off I went. Took a wrong turn once - onto a road that just wasn't on google. Bah. But had a nice ride. Realised shortly into the ride that it probably wasn't such a "short" ride. I think it was about 25km. And I haven't cycled in over a year.

I also got a puncture. This was a major downer as I had nobody to call to come and get me, and no spare, no pump, no repair kit. So I had to walk the remaining 3km home. And it got COLD as the sun went down, and while I was warm enough in just a t-shirt when I was cycling, walking was a different matter.

Oh and my butt is still sore from the damn sadle. Why can't they invent a comfy bike seat? I have one of those gel covers, but I guess my body just isn't designed for sitting on a thin wedge of leather.

Anyhow, upshot is I did get some fairly decent shots off. Which given that I'm heading to Boston just now, is good because I can post some this week. Here's the first - the Grand River at Fountain St Bridge looking toward Cambridge.

All the pics this week will be unmodified. The colours were pretty good without going into PS :-)

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