Tue Mar 7 23:57:24 2006

RIP Merlyn

[To all you perl geeks reading - I don't mean randal]

Well, I was all due to post another photo from my San Francisco series, when very suddenly today a pet we have had for 14 years, our Cockatiel called Merlyn, passed away at the vets while trying to figure out why he was breathing strangely.

He was a wonderful pet. He could not sing in tune but bless him he tried. He wanked while visitors were around. He loved people. He would screach at me in the mornings if I did not visit with him. He brought us great joy.

The above is the last photograph taken of him, just a couple of weeks ago while he was enjoying a cracker.

Rest in peace, Merlyn. We loved you.

Merlyn Sergeant, 23 May 1992 - 7 March 2006

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