Mon Jul 31 13:30:44 2006

Paris is a Grand place to live

Yesterday I had great plans to cycle to Stratford, but it's 50km away, making it a 100km round-trip. The furthest I've cycled so far this year is about 40km. So thankfully Heather talked me out of it (plus the fact that it was about 32 degrees out helped me decide that would be a bad plan).

Instead I cycled to Paris, and back up through Cambridge. Total round trip distance about 60km. I thought lunch in Paris sounded terribly romantic, and indeed it was great. I had lunch at a little cafe with a deck at the back overlooking the Grand River. A chipmunk came up to the deck and I shared some of my nachos with him. The ride home nearly killed me though :-)

This is a HDR composition of 3 exposures of the same RAW file. I don't have any of the fancy HDR software, so I had to do with Photoshop's selective colour masks, but it came out pretty well.

More pics from the trip to come.

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